Welcome to my website!

I hope you love your photos, I loved shooting them.  Here's how to order.

  • Under "SCHOOL GALLERIES" you will see two galleries.  "GEMS2016" is for the school year 2016-17.  Click on the gallery and enter the password using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!  Now choose your sub-gallery, displayed by grade.
  • Click on the photo(s) you want, then click "BUY".  You then have three packages to choose from.  Each package includes a full size JPEG download.
  • IMPORTANT: On the top right is "Settings".  Make sure you are in US$ and ship to United States for APO users.  You can also choose Euros to ship to a local German address.
  • Do the same for class photos.  You may have to navigate back to the "SCHOOL GALLERIES" main page.
  • In the BUY screen, you can choose from a JPEG download or two sizes of print.  Click on "CUSTOMIZE" to go to the next step. 
  • ​In the "CUSTOMIZE", you can crop your photo to fit the print.  Choose the "FIT" option on the top, or do it manually to cut out some of the black areas for the group photos.
  • Click "ADD TO CART".

I hope the ordering process is easy.  Feel free to drop me an email for help.