Welcome to my your galleries!

I hope you love your photos, I loved shooting them.  Here's how to order.

  • Click on "GEMS Spring 2019" for this year's school photos.  Click on "Spring Family Portraits 2019" for the family galleries.
  • The password is ALL CAPITAL LETTERS!
  • Click on your child’s grade.


  • In the multiple photos view, click "SELECT PHOTOS" on the top right.
  • Select your both child and the group photo.  
  • Now click the “BUY” button.


  • IMPORTANT: On the right under "VISIT SHOP"  is the settings for US$ or EUROS.  For APO, use USD and shipping to United States.  NOTE: your mailing address must match your choice or it will freak out and won’t let you order.


  • Choose your package.
  • You will now see the package layout.  Drag the photos to the squares to populate your purchase.  You can make up any configuration of the two photos for your package.
  • Click “ADD TO CART”.
  • You can now click on the shopping cart to see your order.
  • The group photos are a regular 8x10 so they will have a white border on top and bottom that you will need to cut off later.


I hope the ordering process is easy.  Feel free to drop me an email for help.